Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Owen 5 months...

Could he possibly get any cuter?! Owen is such a a sweetie! This month he has started some not so fun habits, like waking up 5-6 times a night, but I forgive him because of that sweet smile. His big news for this month is that he started cereal! Just like with his sister, who's sleep problems started around this same time, we thought that this may help him sleep longer- nope. However, he does seem to enjoy eating with a spoon. The rice cereal seemed to bother his tummy a bit so we switched to oatmeal and he has been doing much better. Overall, he is still a super chill, happy baby. We went to the beach again this month and he did so well on the car ride! How blessed are we to have TWO great travelers?! We also took a family day to the aquarium which was his first trip, he did great! I can't believe how quickly this second round is going. If only I could make time stand still!!

Five month Stats
Not sure for measurements
Eating: 3ish hours and rice cereal at night

  • First solids
What he loves:
  • His feet
  • Being naked- squeals in delight! 
  • Riding in the jogging stroller
  • Being carried in the Moby wrap
  • Being sung to
What he does not love:
  • Sleeping at night.
Favorite Memories of this month:
  • Getting some one on one time with him while Caroline is in school. Even though I feel like he demands a lot of my attention, I don't feel like I often have the opportunity to really give undivided attention and it is nice to be able to do so a few hours a week. 
  • Watching Caroline cheer him on when he rolls over! She is his biggest cheerleader and he just lights up at just the sight of her- melts this momma's heart!
Over the past month or 2 we've been pretty consistent with his nicknames so for memory sake I want to write them down:
- "Bubbles"- because when he gets really mad he blows spit bubbles
"Bubba" "Bubba-man" "Chunkles"- hehe.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Owen 4 months...

What a cutie! Seriously, he may be the cutest baby boy I've ever laid eyes on- not biased at all =) The big news for Mr. Owen this month is that he has a new tooth! Teething has not been super fun for him, so the first one finally popping through was such a relief (the second tooth is not too far behind). He also started rolling over this month, so it's been an exciting few weeks! He is still so laid back and content and very go-with-the-flow. I can't figure out if he's simply pretty quiet, or I'm just not used to a paci baby, but most of the times you'd barely notice him the room until you hear his sweet little sighs or tiny coos. I can't wait to see more of his personality come through!! Loving this baby boy so much!

Four month Stats
Weight:  16lbs  
Length: 26"
Eating: 3hours.

  • His first tooth!
  • Rolled over (from belly to back) at 3.5 months
What he loves:
  • His mommy =)
  • Daddy's beard
  • Being swayed and sung to
  • His paci
What he does not love:
  • Cutting teeth =(

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Owen 3 Months...

What a fun  month this has been!! Owen is truly such a sweet, chill, go with the flow baby! His little personality is coming out more and more and I just love it! He's smiley and has started to giggle, which is music to my ears! This month he went on his first trip to the beach, which was lots of fun. He didn't LOVE the sand and ocean, but enjoyed the company =) He did awesome on the car ride, which is what I was most worried about since we weren't driving in the middle of the night like we normally do on road trips. We are over the moon in love with this boy!!

Three month Stats
Weight:  No appt this month, but I weighed him at home and he's almost 16lbs!!  
Length: (not sure, no appt this month)
Eating: every 2.5-3hours.

  • His first giggle!!
What he loves:
  • His big sister! She always gets big smiles
  • Being talked to. He will sit and chat forever =)
  • Bath time
  • His Mamaroo swing
  • His pacifier
What he does not love:
  • Tummy time. Poor kiddo just hates it.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Owen 2 Months

And just like that, another month has past! Things have gone so smoothly that it is hard to imagine him not part of our family. There have been lots more sweet smiles and happy coos from this boy this month and we have loved every second of it. Owen is a super laid back baby and is still very predictable, cried when hungry and fusses a little when tired and that's it. We went on his first road trip to NC this month and he did awesome! I just wish time would slow down a little because I know it's just going to fly by and I am loving what is left of this newborn stage!

Two month Stats
Weight: 13 lbs  
Length: 23.5 in 
Eating: every 2.5-3hours.

  • Cooing started around week 6 and we looove to hear his sweet little voice
What he loves:
Not much has changed from his first month...
  • His big sister! She always gets big smiles
  • Being talked to. He will sit and chat forever =)
  • Being naked- what a boy! If he's upset and all else fails, strip him down- instant smiles.
What he does not love:
  • Tummy time. Poor kiddo just hates it.
Schedule (memory sake)
Awake and first feed: 7ish
nap 8:30-10
Eat 10ish
nap 11:30-12:30 or so
Eat 1/1:30
Nap 2:30-3:30/4
Eat around 3:30
Nap 5:30-6:30
Eat at 6:30
Stays awake until last feed around 8:30
Wakes around 2am and 5am to eat.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Owen- One Month

It is very cliche, but this time around!! I did not think it could possibly go any faster than it has been, but I was wrong. Our boy is one month old and we could not be more in love with his sweet self. The transition to a family four has gone so smoothly, that he truly feels like the missing piece to our family. So far, he has been an easy baby- praise the Lord and knock on wood! He is fairly predictable and has been just about since we brought him home. He is getting more on a eat/play/sleep routine but I'm not forcing any schedule yet. He's eating roughly every 2.5-3 hours and he is sleeping great at night! Right now he has a feeding around 8:30pm, asleep by 9/9:30, wakes to eat around 1 or 2am, sleeps until 5ish, then up to eat between 7-8am. I'll take it! Sadly, he is sleeping better than his big sister haha! Speaking of his sister, Caroline has been so awesome with him! She has not shown one ounce of jealousy so far and is so very sweet with him. I will say though, one big change from bringing him home was realizing just how big and independent she has become. She seems like she grew overnight since he is so tiny. I am loving this newborn stage and trying to soak in every minute, because I do know how fleeting this sweet, sleepy, tiny stage is. We are so very blessed with two healthy babies and I cannot wait for this next month and watching him grow even more!

One month Stats
Weight: 10lb 5oz  (60% hooray!)- he was starting out as a slow gainer at first, but he is up 2 lbs past birth weight. He is 1.5lbs more than Caroline was at this age.

Length: 22.5 in (86%) - one inch longer than C at this age

Eating: every 2.5-3hours.

  • First smile at 3 weeks old! He smiles a lot in his sleep, but this was the first one that seemed legit while we were talking to him =)
What he loves:
  • Being held! I thought that Caroline loved being held- but this boy takes the cake. Lucky for me and for him, it's actually somewhat easier to just carry him around or wear him all day, however we both need to get used to him chilling on his own a bit more. 
  • His pacifier. Yay! This makes his fussy times much more manageable and it also helps stretch feedings a bit if necessary. 
  • Bath- he was not a fan at all of the first bath, but now he calms down and just relaxes in the bath with makes for a much happier time.
  • His Momma =) I don't remember Caroline being as particular (really even until now, she has just recently become a full blown daddy's girl). But he will tolerate being held by others for a little bit but then lets them know their time is up...I'm ok with that =)
What he does not love:
  • His car seat. It might as well be a torture device. Fortunately for all of us that have to ride with him, he is getting better at just giving in and falling asleep in it- whew!
  • Diaper changes- again, he's getting more used it. But for the first two weeks he would scream at every change.
  • Tummy time. Poor kiddo just hates it.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Owen's Birth Story

Owen Gregory
8lb 5oz, 21.5in long
born at 8:02 am on Saturday, March 28.

Once again, my due date came and went with no baby. On Tuesday I went to my OB appointment to discuss induction since I would be close to 41 weeks. We settled on Thursday, and Greg and I left the office super excited that we finally saw that the end was in sight and we would get to meet our boy this week! Thursday came and my parents got into town to keep Caroline and we sat around and waited for the call from the hospital to tell us a bed was ready. I was super glad that we were able to put Caroline to bed ourselves and do our normal routine Thursday night, as that would be one less night we would be apart (this was the longest we've been away from her). Finally, around 11pm, we got the call to come in at midnight. So, Greg and I packed up and headed that way! Being induced felt very strange because things just didn't seem real. We were calm, not any huge rush, and everything just seemed so different than being in actual labor. After we got into our room and all the paperwork squared away, we finally got the medicine that would get things started, Cytotec. I was totally pumped because I just knew that after that first dose things would get moving quickly and I would be holding my sweet baby by morning. HAH. SIX doses later, taken every 4 hours, my body finally got the clue that it should get to work, and my water broke at 1:30 am on SATURDAY. From then things did go very quickly. I got an epidural around 4:30 am and boy was that a relief- seriously, my hat is off to those who can birth naturally, I am not one of those women. My incredibly awesome midwife, Judy and her super sweet intern, stayed past her shift (which she'd already been on for 24 hours) to deliver this baby. So, at around 7:30am she asked if I wanted to try pushing...30 minutes later at 8:02am Owen Gregory was laid on my chest! He is absolute perfection! After a few minutes of holding him, Greg cut the cord and then followed him over to the table to get checked out while I got stitched up. He had low blood sugar, so since they were going to take him to the nursery for a bit we went ahead and brought big sister back to meet him first and then the grandparents. Caroline was excited to meet him at first, then became slightly overwhelmed and pouted for a bit. However, once she came back in the afternoon it has been nothing but love ever since. We absolutely could not be more thrilled to finally have our son here! What an incredible blessing he is to our new family of four! 

Headed to the hospital- 40+5 weeks 

 Sweet visit from by big girl while we wait on Owen

He's here!!

Me with Judy

Proud daddy, helping get his blood sugar back up with a supplemental bottle

SO very happy he is here and healthy!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pregnancy Round 2 and halfway through!

Well, it has been quite the hiatus from the blogging world, but it is time to make a comeback so that I have half the documentation I had with C. I'm already behind-oops. But there's no better place to start than the half way mark! This pregnancy is flllyyyying by and I know with holiday fun coming up, it will only seem to go even faster. Anyway, here's my 20 week survey for now and fingers crossed I can keep up from here on out!

How Far Along: 20 weeks (5 Months)

Size of baby: a canteloup =)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not as much as last time, but more than I would like

Maternity Clothes: I am in them and loving them, it stinks I'm in an opposite season than my last pregnancy- but oh well!

Gender: a sweet baby BOY!!!

Movement: I feel him every once in a while but still not a ton yet. He's more of a night time mover and shaker than in the day.

What I miss: Nothing really

Sleep: I have my lovely almost 3-year-old to keep me on a newborn routine, so I'm used to no sleep by now.

Symptoms: Not too many lately. Feeling pretty good!

Cravings: Spicy foods

Best Moment this week:  Feeling him move more regularly

What we are looking forward to: The next ultrasound next week! Love to see that everything is going smoothly and Caroline is coming to this one.